Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Blog Is Born

Well, I guess I had to give in sooner or later. Considering the fact that blogging has become a worldwide obsession, I shouldn't feel too bad. I don't know how many people are going to read this (hello out there!), but hopefully I can fill this in with stuff that can not go on my website. What should you expect? More flicker junk.
First of I'll be covering the 2007 Sydney Film Festival which has a trully exceptional line-up this year. It's all about creating buzz - which some of those films are going to need. Expect DVD news and DVD news. I've just gone through a whole butch of truly exciting films by Chabrol, Melville, Naruse and Vlacek, so I'll be covering those on the website (called FILMCODEX by the way). Oh for those who care... fresh off the press - the 5th volume in Criterion's Eclipse series is a box set of 3 early Sam Fuller films. I'm salivating already.